Thursday, July 13, 2006

Trees along the river

This is another painting I did in my class. I rather like the simplicity of it all and had fun doing this.
Learnt a lot about how to do reflections (hard to paint trees upside down!!)
I am back from my day and a bit in Adelaide, seeing my mother who is adamant she will not go into care, and I feel sick about the whole thing. A lot more thought will have to be given to this but time is running out as we have a place for her and it is so hard to find somewhere nice.
A meeting and then stayed with a friend, up early and home driving through the hills thinking. With no conclusions made.
As we have people coming to dinner on Saturday night I am cleaning up my very untidy house, a long walk with the dogs and now to get dinner, chicken Tikka I think.


Teri C said...

Wonderfully lovely and serene.

Gail P. said...

Penny, you're watercolors are
marvelous! Gail (from ExpressionVillage)

Donn said...

Your reflections are really great, a reflection on your talent! Nice work.

AnastasiaC said...

this is so lovely and peacful!
I love the reflection

Robyn said...

I enjoy the limited palette that you have used on this painting, Penny.

Tony F said...

This is magical Penny. I love your watercolours. The restrained palette is so refreshing.