Sunday, July 02, 2006

Family photos

While going through some of the photos at my mother's I came across these two that I couldnt remember seeing before. Unfortunatly the one of my mother as a bride has a crack across it.
The first one is of my grandmother taken in Harrogate UK when? I have no idea, probably early 1900's. According to my mother the feathers in the hat she is wearing were Bird of Paradise feathers.
The second is of my mother aged 18 on her wedding day in early February 1931, she was born in 1912 and will be 94 in October.
She looked so young and lovely.
I am interested in the clothing as a textile person. And the similarities in both of them to my grand daughters. The only other ones of my grandmother that I remember were when she was quite old and looked far more severe.


Teri C said...

These photos are fabulous! Love that hat. You should try doing a protrait.

Penny said...

Thanks Teri, Yes I have been thinking about it, but am so busy at the moment I think my drawing etc is going backwards!

Julie Oakley said...

These photos are lovely. Your mother was so beautiful. Have you been to Harrogate? It's a lovely town - full of architectural riches and the most gorgeous countryside around.