Friday, July 21, 2006

Textile Fun

This odd looking piece is a painted nappy liner ironed to a piece of fabric, stitched and then burnt with a hot air gun. Great fun, looks very old and scrunchy.
This is a bit of my Module 4 with Dale Rollerson's Playways on the net and I am getting going on this much sooner than I did Module 3. I just need room on my work table and time to get my head around it.
I am wondering if I am developing a cold, massive head ache this morning, and very stuffed up, but then again it may be that I havent vacuumed for a week and the dust thingys are getting to me!
Celina and Gaby left this afternoon to spend the week with their father, their mother is in Alice Springs for the week end, lucky girl, and I have spot the dog.
It was very cold again this morning, but not really a frost, and then the cloud came over and made it even colder, thank goodness for the fire. I just take longer getting outside to feed the ponies .

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