Saturday, July 08, 2006

At 4 pm today

This photo is for my friend Virginia who is off to the Greek Islands tomorrow. This is my version of a Greek island, Victor Harbor style. The view from my favorite coffee place Whalers Haven.
We had walked the beaches this afternoon towards Pt Elliott and came back here and even tho it was cold sat outside for our coffee. These wonderful aloes were in flower, there were honeyeaters about a foot away from us and this wonderful view of Wright Island and "shark alley" where we used to dive (and to be told by the local fishermen that a White pointer shark had been seen in the area for the past week!!).
The sun came out for a few minutes and I took this photo, it poured for most of the way home and we are only about 10 at the most 15 minutes away.
I felt very virtuous, I have dusted and vacuumed, made some soup stock and actually painted some bases for my Playways Module 4 stuff. I am getting over the loss of Maggie and now need to create.
I am not sure how much sleep we will get tonight as it is my oldest grandson Simon's 21st bairthday celebrations, over the creek and not far away.
I cant believe he is 21, seems only the other day he was a gorgeous toddler and now!

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Tony F said...

Penny, you've captured the sunlight on the flowering aloes beautifully... I'm so envious of this photo.