Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stormy seas

I have this thing about the sea and the rougher and wilder the better. I took this over the week end when we saw the seals, this is back across to Victor Harbor, looking at the town in the background, Granite Island and a little bit of Wright Island. We used to snorkel all around these rocks in the summer and not far out is the remains of the wreck of the Solway, she went down in a storm in the 1800's and there wasnt much left of her when we dived on her many years ago. This coast has lots of wrecks as it is shallow and no really good anchorages.
I have Celina one of my grand daughters staying at the moment, and at least the sun came out for a while and we walked. I havent had time to get back to the textile stuff yet, but did get some bookwork that has been hanging over me done.


Elizabeth said...

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your posts and pictures and sketches, both here and on "With my boots and sketchbook."

I love this photo - can smell the salt and feel the wind. Thank you!

Jan said...

I agree with you about the sea. I love the wind filled with spray and the colours in a 'grey' ocean. This photo is beautiful!