Thursday, July 27, 2006

Placing my mother into a nursing home

I have been away for 3 days in Adelaide, the first day wasnt too bad as I had the day to myself and went to the Museum and sketched ( on my other blog, see links).
Tuesday was awful and Wednseday not much better as we had very reluctantly decided that our mother had to go into a nursing home. She has never wanted to and was furious with us but she was a danger to herself on her own at home.
we have spent months looking for the right one, although I suppose there is never a right one but this one is new, bright and light, but I sketched my impressions on the left.
That night we had a lovely meal, to try to get me over it, but I didnt sleep that night again and felt worse the next morning when we had to start packing up all her china and glass collections.
Enough, I feel as if I have been run over by a bus.
Tomorrow my two sisters take over for the next few days as I will be away on a sewing retreat. (I may just retreat into myself.)


Christine said...

I have not been in this situation and can only imagine how you are feeling. I imagine you feel guilty but deep down you must know that this is the best solution for everyone. If your mother cannot look after herself she cannot be left alone, no matter how strongly she resists the idea. Sometimes we have to make the hard choices. Look after yourself and know within your heart that you have made the right decision.

Teri C said...

Penny, I have been in your situation and it is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. We know it is the right choice in our hearts but that doesn't make it any easier. Stay strong.


Felicity said...

I haven't been in this position but I can only imagine the guilt you must feel. You are all doing your best, and thinking of what's right for your Mum, go easy on yourself.

Bonnie Schulte said...

Some years ago, after my dad died, I had to place my Mom in a Residental
home, and she was so unhappy at first, and I felt horrible, just like you do. I even lost 20 pounds from worry and stress. But after the first week, she felt right at home, and I knew she would be safe there. I did visit 3-4 times a week, and take her for picnics and shopping. But then, she died 3 months after living there. I miss her to this day, every day, and she has been gone for 8 years. My heart goes out to you.

AnastasiaC said...

oh Penny that must be hard but I guess its for the best and you have made the correct decision. Im sure your mum will be well looked after!

Kate Johnson said...

Hi have my sympathy and empathy, it's a very difficult situation to find yourself in. Keep drawing, it will help...