Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Textile work in progress

I have only scanned part of this but it is a work in progress. A small quilt which will eventually be used as part of an advertising string of quilts for our up coming decorative arts show. (well I think that is what it is called).
I have got a bit more carried away with this than I meant to, was going to be very simple but I liked the idea of the hand stitching making the texture.
It is keeping me busy at night.
I can just see a needle and thread in the bottom bit, so lots more to do.
It has been very cold and miserable for the last few days, nice to have the fire but it doesnt warm all of this large house, so an excuse to be near it.
I had an adventure with a fox yesterday but that is on my other blog.


Judy Scott said...

Hi Penny thanks for visiting me, its cold here in Scotland too and its meant to be summer. I cant get over this... Im feeling miserable too as Ive just filled in the australian visa application and Im too old by 9 months :(!!!!!!!! How crazy is that? We've got the skills but not the right side of 45.

Im coming over to Brisbane very soon - September to stay with my son, so Ill at least get a little taste for life there. Im soooo excited.

I love what youre working on, do you have a show every year? Our quilting group has one every two years to give us time to produce more work.

So Im off to bed just now, its late. Hope to speak again, Judy x

Gail P. said...

This is lovely! Hope to see more
of it.