Monday, July 17, 2006

Cold and grey

We have had several days of low cloud, drizzle and gloom, not like here at all, usually we have a few bright days in between in winter but at the moment I am finding it very depressing and obviously so were these crested pigeons who were all huddled up in the pear tree in the orchard. Usually we only see one or two but at the moment there are quite a lot around. They are dear little things with a tuft of feathers ontop of their heads and like most pigeons are sometimes too busy cooing and displaying to see the cat.
I have been making beads out of silk paper and having a bit of fun. I think John may be cross with me again for using my iron to stick things with and sometimes when he irons after I have he complains of sticky stuff on his clothes!(Not that he irons often). These beads were stuck with fusible webbing so that may be the problem, although I always use stuff between my iron and whatever I am fusing, well I think I do.

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Linda said...

What beautiful birds! We don't have the ones with the tuft on their head -- do you have any close ups? You made me laugh with the iron story -- but maybe you are getting the fusible interfacing on the ironing board, rather than on the iron, and that's what's getting on his clothes? And please, show us a photo of the beads, too!