Thursday, February 02, 2006

Victor Railway station

Yesterday we had 21 mm of rain, wonderful, the tanks are all full and the garden and the lawns are all growing and looking lush and green. We went to lunch in McLaren Vale, having bought some wine and then on up to Adelaide to have our hair cut and I went on to see my mother.
I was going through some older sketches in my book and thought I should do more in the town, this one of the railway station was done while having coffee one day. We have a steam train called the cockle train that runs through school holidays, and some weekends between Victor Harbor and Goolwa, called the cockle train because in the late 1800's it was used by people who went to collect the cockles from Goolwa beach and bring them back to sell, or I suppose just eat. We still go cockling, we must go soon to use as bait for fishing and sometimes to use in soup, but they are very sandy and must be flushed in clean water for quite a long time if you are going to eat them. We have very long surf beaches all around us, rather dangerous for both surfers and swimmers, both sharks and sudden rips make it interesting. Good for cockles tho'.


Lin said...

I think you've captured the spirit of this very nicely!!! Lovely!

Teri C said...

I love train stations and you have done a wonderful job on this one.