Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cloth Doll Workshop

I am back after a weekend away, and I missed my blog ramblings! I spent the week end in Adelaide at a workshop run by the American cloth dollmaker Barbara Willis, Barbara makes really old world elegant dolls and this one is lovely. She is called a memory doll and when I have finished her will have a box that opens to put little bits and pieces in. I need time to assemble the box but have her head and torso done, arms and legs done but not yet on. A very full on workshop, starting at 9 and finishing after 5. I then brought Barbara home here, for the night and morning and then back to Adelaide ( a 4 hour and a bit round trip) to get her on the plane for Perth late yesterday afternoon. We had a quick trip to Spotlight on the way to buy some ribbon and trims, well it can never be a quick trip so we were pushing it to get to the airport on time, but we managed it. I had stayd with Barbara when I was in San Francisco in 2001 so it was great to catch up. She is such a charming person and the best teacher, never fussed, just quietly gets on with things. We knew we wouldnt finish the doll in a 2 day workshop but I think all of us were well on the way. I will put up her toso and head.


Christine said...

The doll looks lovely. I really like the face..is it painted?

pedalpower said...

Oh my goodness...she is beautiful!

mJ said...

As per usual, outstanding!!
Please don't forget to scan the box when finished as well.
Where was the work shop held...??
At J M's??
Wish Adelaide was much closer...