Thursday, February 16, 2006

sketch done at the baton relay

I did this sketch at the Baton Relay the other night, they were infront of me, next to a post holding the balloons and no one was there for a few minutes. They held this pose for about 7 minutes without moving.They look awfully out of proportion but this is actually how they looked and why they caught my eye. Quite elderly, he was quite short and she had flaming red hair, which I havent put in. Done in my very small sketchbook.

Yesterday we went to Adelaide, John had meetings and I saw my mother, she looks well but is so forgetful, her carer was there and she seems very nice. I did manage to get to the small art supply shop and have bought some soft pastels so I will have to try and have a play with them sometime. They look like fun. The Melbourne family arrive tonight for a wedding over the week end so I will be pretty busy for the next few days.

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Marilyn said...

Well done.