Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Simple flowers

Yesterday was busy, I became a tourist in my own town. John and I walked over to Granite Island, walked around it looking at the native bulbs called callostemma which were covering the Island with their pinky red colour. I took photos and also photos of the Horse tram and the general views of the town from the Island. I will post some in the future but today I am posting a drawing I did of some of the pots in my garden, a bright red scarborough lily, a pot of yellow petunias and a couple of kangaroo paws in the nearby garden. They are all what I call simple flower shapes.
We gathered some reeds in the swamp to dry for the basket making course I will be doing in April and in doing that discovered more weeds in the paddocks so spent time pulling them. Quite a nice way to spend Valentines day.


Teri C said...

Penny, these are so lovely and just makes the whole scene look so peaceful.

Happy Valentine's day to you and John.

Shuku said...

Oh what gorgeous flowers! I'd love to have some of those growing in my garden, except I haven't got a garden since I live in a block of dingy flats.

And what -lovely- bracelets you bead (re: earlier entry). I would love to swap stories/patterns with you some day.


Terri said...

This is absolutely charming Penny. I think it's lovely. Well done. :o)

Tony F said...

Simple? Stunning! Love the background colours and the composition (again).