Sunday, February 26, 2006

EDM challenge doorknobs and a textile piece

In Between walking and making dinner yesterday I had time to draw the door knob and other bits on our kitchen door. It is a very old rather battered brass knob, at some time the key hole had been moved but the outline is still there and the bolt is more or less to bolt off the rest of the house if we are away, someone has to feed the cat! Remember this is an old and battered farm house that like topsy "just grew". I will have another go at doing this again as I rather like the idea and this one is very rough.
I have been battling with my playways Module 3 section on 'slips and patches' and I hope that what I have finally made really is a slip or patch, hearts sewn on felt, then stitched back onto a peice of velvet over which painted bonding web was added and then stitched again. I may have another go at this and then zap it back with a heat gun and see what that looks like.


Jen said...

Hi Penny, I really like this Playways sample. Well done. You have chosen just the right stitch.


Lin said...

OH YES -- you're doing well with the doorknobs! and your textile piece is great!!!