Thursday, February 09, 2006

drawing and hand sewing

I feel better today, we had 16 mm of rain over night so no watering tonight, and it is cooler as well. Gathering up supplies for this drawing workshop on saturday, couldnt find a 90x70cm board so she will have to make do with what I have found, for just under $13 one that is 58.8x66cm and it has a handle and springs and holds an A2 block easily. I couldnt make one for that. It was in our local "neds" which has all sorts of cheap stuff.
I did draw something yesterday, a weed, called a pie or paddy melon here, it is very nasty and poisonous to stock and spreads like an octopus, this one had flowers but no melons as yet, it is now on the rubbish heap waiting to be burnt. The other image is of a sample I am doing for my playways module, I have called it Australia Dreaming, it is layered, painted and hand sewing, not quite finished yet.

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