Monday, February 20, 2006

Ararat Mechanics Institute

I drew this building while having coffee a few months ago on our way back from Melbourne. I love sketching buildings but often my lines are not very straight. This was the Mechanics Institiute and had wonderful swags carved over the windows. It was painted this rather incredible colour. There was a barber's shop with the red and white diagonal lines on the ground floor.


Robyn said...

Love it, Penny. The lines AREN'T straight but they don't need to be. It gives the drawing a lovely sketchy feel to it. Maybe I am being too anal about my need to have straight lines or maybe it is just an excuse not to have a go. Whatever, you have put me to shame.

Scratches & Scribbles
Sydney, Australia

Lin said...

SO SO NEAT, Penny!! I love the gentle looseness of your lines ...!

Teri C said...

Penny, you have captured this moment in time so well. Not having straight lines makes it all the more lovable.

Shelly McC said...

Way Cool! My little brother lives in Ararat!!