Sunday, February 19, 2006

Kings Beach

We had a wonderful few days with the grand children, although an altercation about going to bed last night while their parents were at the wedding. We played cricket, although my eyes dont see balls very well and John walked them up to the cairn on the hills where they added their stones. They left to go back to Melbourne around midday today and later in the afternoon John and I went walking to our favorite beach, Kings Beach, only a few minutes from Victor, I had the camera so took a photo, although this beach has been well documented by me over the years. We saw a seal swimming, we never saw seals in our diving days, these days they and the whales are a much more common sight in our waters. We are now both tired!

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Terri said...

Beautiful photo! Looks like a lovely beach...just look at the colour of that water! :o)