Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Beaded necklace

I dont know what happened but somehow I missed out on posting yesterday. I was so busy trying to finish the doll, still not finished, and tidying up my workroom I somehow forgot. Any way I did manage to get this necklace finished. It is made of shell and freshwater pearls with glass beads between the pearls. I was quite pleased with it. Beading is Tuesday nights, so as well as this I fixed up two bracelets that somehow hadnt quite worked.
Today we are going over to Wellington on the River Murray as John has a meeting and dinner and I will stay over with him and I hope get some sketching done.Of course he has another meeting in Victor on Thursday morning so we have to be back there by 10 am. Animals will have to be fed before we go and the watering done although it has been amazingly cool, but more heat forecast for the next few days.

1 comment:

mJ said...

Hey Penny...these are my favourite colors,yellow-gold !!

nice work...
Who's the lucky person getting it??