Thursday, February 23, 2006

Murray River scenes

These were the scenes I saw yesterday afternoon from the front verandah of the little cabin we rented for the night on the River Murray at Wellington. We overlooked the ferry crossing but I just loved the windmills. Weeping willows are very hard to make look right. These were done using my new black Micron 01 pen. I will try to get the photos I took up tomorrow. It was calm and really magic, not that my drawings really do it justice. Thought I would not add colour.


Terri said...

Penny I think this is a great effort at drawing the scenery around you. Those mills are not the easiest things to draw (I've tried too) and so I think you've done a great job with them. Paricularly in the bottom sketch. Well done. It's the doing that counts remember! The results will take care of themselves as you get better with practice.

Sioux said...

Penny, I surely enjoyed your sketches!

Robyn said...

Congrats on these great landscapes. I avoid them like the plague - to much 'stuff' so I get scared.

It is so nice to read more Aussies on the EDM list.

Scratches & Scribbles

Marilyn said...

It is hard to draw a moving target. Good job.

Tami said...

I really like these sketches, Penny. I am on the learning curve too. I love drawing and painting, I will just be glad when mine get better. Thanks for sharing