Saturday, February 25, 2006

Reeds by the river

I am still with the sketching I did by the river. These reeds were blowing every which way but were fun to do. The shadow behind is actually another sketch I did and when I scanned it it came through. Wish I had actually done it intentionally but I didnt.
Grandchildren for breakfast and lunch today, a walk over to granite Island and they found a couple of penguins, we saw a seal off the breakwater when we stopped for a coffee, and the pink lilies are almost over so I was glad we saw them a couple of weeks ago.
Friends for dinner tonight so a big clean up in the house in a hurry.


Linda said...

What a lovely sketch! Don't you love those happy accidents, too (like the other drawing showing through on the scan.) I've made a mental note of how nice that looks, for future drawings! :-)

Rachel Murphree said...

Penny, lovely! you can SAY you did it intentionally...and who would be the wiser?? Rachel

Tony F said...