Friday, February 10, 2006

the elephant in my sunroom

I am up early this morning, Lots to do and John had a meeting in Adelaide so he left early. I decided that it is a bit early to feed the ponies so I sat and drew my Indian elephant who sits in the sunroom I may add a bit of colour later, he is cream and gold, but I dont mind him just donme with the pen.He looked a bit loney so I drew the wooden lillies in the vase as well. Still not good on perspective but he looks quite cute. I hope to go sketching today, but I only have my trusty old toyota farm ute and it is getting a little tired, then again I probably need to get on with the memory doll. I have done a bit more to her. Trouble is my daughter the professional photographer who poo hoo's my little digital camera has taken it to photograph some horse stuff she has to sell and it hasnt come home yet, I would like to photograph the progress of this doll. I must say that having a blog has made me learn a lot more about the capabilities of both my camera and the computer, if only I could remember it all!


Shelly McC said...

Great Sketch, well done.

Jen said...

Hi Penny, Love the elephant - well done.