Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ponies and guilt

I am feeling a bit guilty today as I have spent all day trying to get an ad together for our Welsh pony Journal and I have done one thing and then lost it, forgotten how to do another. I thought perhaps I should put one of our ponies up as she was Supreme of our youngstock show, and a very nice homebred filly, so here she is with her rug and garland on. Rivington Royal Hiccup is her name a Welsh Mountain (Section A) filly.
I have not touched a thing, well I did go to beading last night and strung more beads onto a necklace I thought looked a bit sparse. I havent beaded for ages. One of the pugs had to go to the vet as he has developed a hot spot on his head, it looks awful but will get better eventually. I dont have the trim I need to finish off the doll so that will have to wait, and I did start to sketch one of the awful melons that are weeds in our paddocks, but the flies started biting so I stopped that! Not very productive at all. I will sit tonight and play with a fabric book page I am thinking about, silk and a tiny bit of Honiton lace I have to go with a photo of my mother I have scanned as she had Honiton lace on her wedding dress. As she is 93 I thought it would be nice to do something about her.


Teri C said...

Oh what a beautiful pony!! You should sketch her in all her finery.

Christine said...

She's beautiful Penny.

Christine said...

Your pony is gorgeous!