Monday, February 13, 2006

Baton Relay and lips

Well I dont know what happened to trying to put in an entry a day but yesterday it didnt happen. Mostly because anything interesting that happened yesterday was in the late afternoon. I have been watching the Winter Olympics but as they are at night, I am not getting much sleep! As a skiier I am always interested in the Winter Olympics, far more than the ordinary ones. Would have loved to have been in Torino, we did look into going but with the run of bad seasons the money wasnt there.
Today as well tho' the Queen's baton relay came to Victor Harbor , prior to the Commonwealth Games which are to be held in Melbourne in March. We were invited to the official reception and afterwards to see it arrive. Great fun and I have some photos which I will put up today sometime.
My grand daughter Gaby celebrated her 14th Birthday so we had dinner with them afterwards. While there I tried to draw the EDM challenge for last week, lips.Gosh they are hard, what with giggling 9 year olds, silly faced grandfather and pouting Gaby (birthday girl) I somehow made them all look fairly similar. John's is the bottom one, Celina the 9 year old are the two to the left and Gaby's is on the right. Little girls have much softer rounder lips, John has a thinner top lip and full bottom lip, when I could get him to stop pulling faces. I tried Celina with teeth but at 9 she seemed to then be all teeth so I gave up!

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Thermion7 said...

I really like the way the lips curl up at the ends on #1 and #3!