Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walking the cliffs at Petrels.

We have had cold and gloomy days for day after day, not much wind, infact apart from the large lazy swells and the thump thump of the occasional big wave it was delightful walking.
The sea and the sky almost merged into each other until a darker cloud with a bit of blue sky appeared.
Out here it has been grey and gloomy all day.
This young magpie was more intent on worms than us but did fly onto the post just as I tried to take its photo. They are very used to walkers along this track although this morning there was only us.
We walked all the way to the little beach and walked along, the sand has been moving and there were no shells but lots of sea weed and cuttlefish bones and this tiny little dead box fish.
In my diving days I loved these as they would come gently along waving their fins and tail and look into my face mask.
I loved the wavey lines in these rocks too, shows that at some time way in the past, as we are such an old country, they got squeezed and compressed probably way down under the earths crust and then somehow made it to the surface again.
John could explain this far better than I can, I tend to listen and then forget what he has told me! I just enjoy the look of them.
Just before the waves broke the sea was this incredible colour. Sometimes I think mid winter is the best time walking along looking at the sea and the waves.
As I said a magic morning, one to delight in and think about.
We are so lucky to have this within 20 minutes of our farm.
I went into the market this morning and after our walk came home and baked the pumpkin I bought for some soup, as well as made bread and we had our usual Saturday lunch of large stuffed baked mushrooms. Yum.
I think I am getting a bit domestic!
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Wanda..... said...

Your photos are lovely and you are lucky to live so close to such beautiful views, Penny!

Today I'm making celery soup and homemade broccoli cheese bread and I will think of you, while doing so!

annie said...

I love to walk the beach in mid-winter, too, or on stormy, cloudy days...

I agree with Wanda about your photographs, Penny. I always enlarge them and drink them in-- a wonderful and meditative way to start my morning. I miss the beach, here, but early morning walks are lovely under these big skies before the heat sweeps in.


shirley said...

Your description of the water and the waves took me back to when we lived at the beach, and the many walks we have had on beaches all over Australia in all types of weather. The sound of the waves is very therapeutic and calming. we could hear them crashing on the beach while in bed.

Now why did we leave....

Julie said...

I am into the baking of bread lately!! It is just so yummy!!!

Beautiful photos, Penny!

Makes me think f a small sea town here on the west coast of Florida called Cedar lovely!!!