Friday, July 30, 2010

The last few days

This morning we walked for an hour or so as the tyres on the ute had to be checked, this was the last photo I took of Granite Island as we headed back into the town.
I have had a dpressing few days, my mother is if anything worse, I coudnt even understand what she was saying when I saw her on Wednesday.
I am finding all this very hard to take, If only there was a magic pill or needle as we do for our old dogs this may sound awful to some but I really think it would be kinder than living the sort of life she has at the moment, and at almost 98, why not.
We did manage to get to see the Waterhouse prize for Natural History art at the museum, which was both lovely and uplifting. There are various catagories and I have scanned two from the catalogue, one page for the sculpture and objects, dont you love that nautilus by Dave Clarke, the books, the rats made from kitchen scourers by Aly de Groot and the Whales by Silio Appony. The other page I scanned is from the Youth Section and I found this kangaroo family by Lucy Bonnin wonderful.
Oh and at the top is a flyer I picked up in the Adelaide Arcade when I went to look at the TART's exhibition, we have a few weeks starting today called SALA or South Australian Living artists and there is art work of various kinds all over Adelaide and the surrounding areas.
Apparently the Adelaide Arcade is 125 years old this year, I love wandering through it but can never get a decent photo so I was pleased to find this flyer with what it looked like at the turn of the century and now.
John is out burning rubbish in my supposedly secure fowl yard, I am wondering if a fox doesnt have a den in there. I bought the hens to clean it up but some how somewhere the fox has got in. I am, once I can get around in there going to have another look to see if there are any holes under the fence. Last time I looked I couldnt find any but there is a lot of overgrown shrubbery in there.
My poor old hens cant understand why they are not allowed out.


annie said...

So sad and frustrating for you, Penny, when your mother can't understand. I am so sorry.

I hope soon the hens can have freedom. It reminds me of our first hens when we moved to our farm, many years ago. Our neighbor sold eggs and we bought her older White Leghorns when she started a new set. Her hens lived in the coop and never saw the outside, so the first morning at our farm, the old girls were lined up at the open door, looking nervously from left to right while their big combs flopped back in forth
in sync. It took them several days to step onto the ground and become Free Range Hens. And then they laid lovely eggs.

annie said...

PS I guess it was you who were having trouble understanding her. That hurts even more.

Love & prayers, Penny.