Thursday, July 01, 2010


I went back to doing a 5 minute collage today.
I have spent the whole day moving 'stuff' from one place to another and generally still tidying up.
Why in the middle of winter? I suppose it is because I got an extra chair and small chest of drawers and needed some where to put them.
So this late afternoon, it is not really evening here yet although it is getting darker, I felt I needed to clear my head and create something.
I had inherited a Vogue living and what better use for it but to satisfy some inner being with colour and textural shapes.
Of course one of the reasons I can do this is that I now have a clear space on my table, I know where things are and they were all right there at hand, So satisfying.
I know it wont last but it has helped.
Oh and I am feeling better, but it is so cold outside I keep coughing.

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Wanda said...

Lovely collage Penny! I just recently reorganized my desk, which is actually a very old dining table repurposed. I recently started doing collages for "Mail Art" and now it's more spontaneous with the desk rearranged.