Monday, July 05, 2010

A slow day and some playing.

My cold seem to have gone down to my chest and is a bit uncomfortable. I seem to have been coughing a lot, not terribly happy but although it is freezing cold outside it is warm inside so I have been doing a few things that dont require a lot of physical exercise.
First the wave filling for my TAST stitch with Sharon B ( see my side bar), this was interesting simple and I made a mess of it!
I do now know how to do it and not what to do.
In my on line class gilding the lily I have been a bit slow in catching up and decided as I had my cuttlebug out to do some embossing on metal. I used the alcopops tins as my family seem to have a lot, not John and I but the next generation down.
Somewhere I was told they were easier to use than coke cans. Any way they go through the cuttlebug with ease and then I painted them with various paints, the top four were pinata and adironack alcohol inks with a bit of rubbing alcohol on a couple.
The blue one was using glass paint and then embossing powder over the top.
The next was sprayed with starburst and moonshadow mist sprays and heated to set with my heat gun and the third was alcohol inks with a bit of rubbing alcohol.
I rather like using the cuttlebug with metal but must get a few more patterns to use when I have some money.
The next exercise will be to sew some of these on to backgrounds but I havent had time to make the backgrounds yet.
Hope I feel better tomorrow, this is getting ridiculous.


ArtPropelled said...

Your embossed pieces are wonderful! Amazing effects!
Hope you feel better soon Penny. Stay warm inside enjoying a bit of art making.

Robin Mac said...

I am very sorry you are still not well, but you have produced some beautiful stuff while you have been hiding inside. The cuttlebug sounds like an amazing tool. Get better soon. Cheers, Robin