Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning, evening, the garden and more dolls

I had to take my grand daughter Gaby and her son Mason to a small party arranged at the High school for students to get some hands on with small toddlers. I did some shopping while I waited and went down to the mouth of the Inman river to have a short walk and take some photos. These ducks were in a small pond that forms in the winter in a marshy area. Shows how little rain we have had as I could walk almost up to the edge.
Last night we again had a spectacular sky, but this time it was evening, very pink but no rain today. Love the way the plants on the front terrace are silhouetted.
Yesterday while wandering in the garden I took these lovely camellias photo, I cant for the life of me remember which one it is, it is in a large pot in the midst of other pots and things and on the other side of the path next to a rain water tank is this climbing aloe which also flowers in mid winter.
We have had a bit of a disaster, it would appear that a fox, in broad daylight came in and took one of my hens, no body but feathers every where and one frightened hen in the garden and no sign so far of the little bantam rooster who lives with them. It probably took off with the only hen who is laying too.
So I wont be letting them out again for quite some time. Blasted introduced foxes.
My one doll has become three, I used what was left of the material for the other two so they have got smaller, or slimmer or both. Sometimes I like to make small primitive dolls like these, a bit of a change from the much more complicated art cloth dolls I sometimes make.
I think I started making dolls back in the early '90's just as the movement of wonderful dolls from here and America was happening. I have met so many wonderful people through them, been to America twice because of them, but there is now not much of a demand and I havent the room for them all.
I have also moved onto into experimental textile stuff, not that sometimes I know what to do with that either!
I couldnt find any where to take a decent photo so they were propped on the mantle piece along with some of my collection of Staffordshire china.


Suztats said...

Nice blog post, Penny. I love the sunset shot: where we now live, we never see the sunset, due to high hills and tall trees, so I especially enjoy seeing sunset pics. Thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

Oh, what a gorgeous pink sky!!! Your dolls are just so cute and sweet! I'm glad you still make more, even though you are out of room!!! :)

Caroline said...

Beautiful dolls, if you ever want me to put them on the market? Send them on over! Always looking for original and unique items for the gallery! btw...
I am still so jealous of your local landscapes, and beautiful vistas! Hope all is well, and that you are painting away? Caroline