Sunday, July 18, 2010

More this and that

Yesterday we walked around by Pt Elliot again and saw in the far distance whales and closer in seals around the rocks.
The white horses on the waves were quite magnificent and at the entrance to the walking trail there is this sign.
No snakes in winter.
I have had a busy few days and did some cooking yesterday, tried out a new casserole recipe and made pumpkin and sweet potato soup, very nice.
Here are a couple more pages from the little book I showed the other day, I think if you click on the pictures you may be able to read the rather violent poems.
Then in between planting out a few plants and doing a few other things outside I did this, another one of my easy prints using a pencil and a meat tray and then inked up with acrylic paint and tried to see how it works.
I did another on fabric but I will show that later when I have stitched it.
I know I could do these with lino but it hurts my shoulders and this is quicker and I can see if I like the design or not.
I am also thinking about how to translate my very favorite paisley pattern to use on a gelatin print. I have a few ideas and will try it later in the week if and when I have time.
Oh and yes Julie the stitched gelatin print from my last post is on fabric.
I seem to have a pretty busy week coming up. Nice busy, out to lunch twice!

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Julie said...

Well, I must start saving my meat trays and give this type of printing a go! Thanks for answering my question! I like your paisley print! I can see how my grandson and I will have a lot of fun with this. Do you use a brayer, or is there any other way to apply the paint to the tray???
You are having so much fun in life, it is a pleasure to read about it all! Funny to see a sign indicating SNAKES at the beach!!! Yikes!