Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby birds and a lino cut

I managed to just get a small amount of the baby honey eaters this morning, not terribly good but it shows that I think there are 2 in the nest.
It is still freezing cold and the bottom photo is a scan of an easy cut lino cut, this was the first pull and I can see where I need to deepen the cuts more, but it is back breaking work! I sat with Bryn Terfel on a light behind me and a blow heater on trying to get this right and am now rather disappointed. I will see if I can eliminate some of the lines I dont want tomorrow when I am fresher.
Apart from that I collected two of my grand daughters and took them home, did some markings for some ponies and the shopping.
I am still trying to finish a hug me tight for my mother, she may not live long enough for me to give it to her the way I am going, it is taking forever and far more wool than I ever thought it would.
Now to think about tonights dinner, something simple I think.


Wanda..... said...

You have baby birds hatching in the freezing that normal for there, Penny?

Julie said...

I LIKE your lino print!!!

ArtPropelled said...

Such a well constructed nest. Lucky you to see the babies so close.
I also like your lino print. Maybe you will think differently once you've had a rest from it.