Monday, July 19, 2010

TAST 20 the baby birds have hatched

The first photo is of my TAST for this week, buttonhole wheel cup, only one as I was playing with Medieval thoughts and used it as acenter piece for something I was playing with.
A nice stitch which has lots of possibilities. I put a bead in the middle of mine.
The baby New Holland Honey eater chicks have hatched out and there are a busy pair of parents feeding them. I am sorry my window is dirty but there is noway I can clean it at the moment. Here is one of the parents.
I would love to try and get a photo of the babies but it is a bit awkward and the parents have a fit if I get too close.
It has been a grey day with a little bit of sun today, we had 9 mm of rain overnight, it is lovely to go to sleep listening to it on our tin roof.
The last photo is of the cockle train passing by when we walked on Saturday, this wasnt the steam train unfortunately but the other one. I love the steam train.
I have been in to get the mail and the papers and done the ironing so feel rather virtuous, but that wont last!
We have a Federal Election called for August the 21s and I am sick of hearing about it already, seems only the other day that they had the last one. I would really like politicians to be for real, hearing the side who got rid of the last Prime Minister in a rather nasty fashion sounding so good and clean is sickening.
Do they really think we are so stupid.


shirley said...

would you like to come for a holiday and do my ironing as well.

i cant agree more regarding your comments on the election it will be a long 5 weeks.

Raphaela said...

What a beautiful motif you made of TAST2.