Thursday, July 22, 2010

My quilt from the quilt swap arrived .

This wonderful quilt made by Sandra Chapman in Tasmania arrived today as my swap in the Little Quilt swap that Kate North ran. I am absolutely thrilled to bits with it.
I have been missing a bit, the day before yesterday we went to The Currant Shed in McLaren Vale with friends and had a wonderful lunch, this was to farewell friends who are going overseas for a few weeks and I took this photo from the car park, it shows winter vines with the hills The last photo is a bit dark but is a corner of my bedroom and I put it up just because I had taken the photo. Unfortunately I havent cropped it so you can see the ironing board and the water jug for the iron!
Yesterday I went to Adelaide to see my mother, who slept most of the time I was there and certainly didnt look very good. Very depressing, but then I went to lunch with three old friends, well I suppose they that we are getting older but they are people I have known for years and we had a slightly naughty boozy lunch with lots of laughter and fun. I drove home very carefully.
It made my day .
Today is freezing cold with depressing damp drizzly rain and it is a good day to stay in and catch up with some inside stuff.


ArtPropelled said...

Nothing like a boozy lunch with old friends to cheer you up!Lovely little quilt.

Wanda..... said...

The play of lights and shadows on your bedroom window made a lovely photo, Penny. Hard to believe it's so cold there, seems like you were just posting flowers a few weeks ago.

Robin Mac said...

Sandra does absolutely beautiful work doesn't she Penny - I saw some of her work when I visited her in Tasmania, then again at the Textile Arts Festival. Love the photo of your bedroom. Cheers, Robin