Monday, July 26, 2010

TAST 21 and walking the farm

Here is my example for this week slipped detached chain. I did a bit of a wobbly trying to get the stems done and I used several thicknesses of thread. I think this is a fun stitch.
This morning while having my tea in bed I saw this very odd light and dived out of bed and grabbed the camera to take this photo from the back gate. I dont ever remember such a pink looking fog, we almost had a frost and then this bit of fog with the sun rising. Lovely.
This afternoon I walked up through the house paddock and back again, there are so many new fences and all my favorite walks now are not accessible.
So the dead trees in the house paddock looking over the valley to the west, the swamp to the east and to the north a paddock bordering the swamp with the pony colts in it.
They all came racing up to see if I was going to feed them.
Most of the day has been spent doing Monday stuff, general house work which is so terribly boring. I did manage a painting which I quite like and I have been having a go at a few more mark making blocks using an ezy cut block which is so different to using lino or even the easier stuff to make lino cuts with. On the ezy block the cutting tools go through as if slicing butter.
Out to feed the dogs, the old pug is carrying on as if he is starved, Oscar has had fresh fish which John caught for him yesterday, we will have the nicer fish for dinner tonight, and the hens need to be put away and fed.
At least the sun was out for most of the day.


Suztats said...

What a lovely day you've had! Love the pics.

Julie said...

My God, you live in a beautiful place!!! Love the pink fog photo! I want to see your print with the EZY block! Your embroidery stitches here are charming! You DO stay busy, Penny! With all of your interests, you could do the easy house chores method I learned a few years makes the chores fun. Here's what you do:
After your morning tea or coffee, you get up and do a quick something, like dishes, and wiping down the kitchen, then you come and do some art or stitching, etc. for 20 minutes,and then jump up again and quickly throw in the wash, then back to another fun activity. The idea is to spend most of the time on the fun activities, interspersed with 1-2 minutes "chores"!!! LOL. (oh, and you can use a little timer too, to be sure you do not spend more than 2 minutes on the chore bits)!!! He he he!!! ENJOY!!!

Wanda..... said...

You took some beautiful photos, Penny!

Karen said...

Fabulous shot of the ponies Penny.