Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few minutes ago

The wind came up and a vigorous front went through, I took these seconds before the rain came down.
Wintry and wet and yet this morning I was in my shirt sleeves cutting back the autumn joy sedum.
I had been in to get the mail and papers and drop a letter over to Tabby and as I came home I could see the sky at the end of the valley turning very black.
You can see in the last photo how the wind was blowing the lemon scented gum branches around.
Nice to be in by the fire, although I must go and feed the dogs and chooks in a minute.
Glad I have some knitting to keep me busy in weather like this.

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shirley said...

I feel cold just looking at those grey skies and the wind. Your morning walk yesterday was so different with lovely weather. That is the sort we have had today... But I have sat and sewed all day to get my Tast done. feel good.