Sunday, July 25, 2010

Doll making

Every so often I go back to my first love which is doll making and I made this little thing yesterday. Very simple pattern just drawn up and stuffed a face and hands added. She has very big hands! The fabric was a head scarf I bought in Japan years ago and loved and I think this little lady loves it too.
I have two others of different sizes in the making.
John went off fishing and was successful, I did a bit in the garden as finally the sun has come out.
There were supposed to be more photos but something in the system ate them so I didnt feel I needed to hang around and wait again. There are mysteries we dont know about in computers.
I am also trying my hand again at lino cutting, it is back breaking, I think I need a different height for my table.
Wanda asked if it was unusual for our small birds to nest in winter, and as our winters are not really terribly cold, although we do complain if we have a frost, as far as I can tell, no most of our birds start nesting around July I think they need to get the rearing over before it gets too hot. For the honey eaters in particular this is when a lot of our gum (eucalyptus ) flower.
I did go to the bird books to see when they should nest and the two I found didnt tell me, I probably should have sat on the computer but I was busy.


Wanda..... said...

Your very cute doll with the large hands reminds me of an idea I once had of making a child's comfy blanket out of a mom's sweater. Stretching, padding, adding hands and stitching over it all to make a small quilt with arms to hug them.

Julie said...

What an awesome doll! It makes me think of the Dotee Dolls I started making, but quit on after a while. They are a lot of fun, and a friend and I were thinking of making different ones and decorating our Christmas trees with them, but it never happened! Sadly. You can watch a video of the making of the Dotee Doll HERE! She hand sews, but I use my machine to sew the body. You can use different things for the hair, and embellishments...people do themes and swap too.

Your doll is adorable!!!

ArtPropelled said...

Your new doll is very appealing and I love the big hands.
I find working at a table that is too low always catches my back and I've put a case on top of my work bench to add another 4 inches.