Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The finished scarf and a tiny book

I have finally finished the scarf I was making, a very simple but effective design I thought.
I took the photo in the sun room and there is dear old Jake peering through the window at me.
I have had this tiny book for a good few years and when going through some stuff thought I should scan it, it is tiny and as you can see was given to Sophie by her mother in 1889.
As a breeder of pugs I collected it somewhere but cant now remember, a junk shop I expect. Some of the poems are a bit rough and almost nasty, I will put up a couple of others tomorrow if I have time, it is an early start and Adelaide.
I think if you click on the photos you may be able to read what they say.
Still cold and wet and blowy so I will be quick when I have to go out to do the animals.


Carol said...

Hi Penny, your scarf is really beautiful. The little pug book is very sweet, I can imagine what you mean by the tone of some of the poems, different times of course, but the illustrations are lovely. Pugs and Welsh Ponies sound wonderful.

Stephanie said...

I came here via Lyle and soooo enjoyed seeing the little pug book. I have two :)

Wanda..... said...

Your scarf is lovely, Penny and your little book is a treasure!

ArtPropelled said...

Your scarf is most unusual. I'm intrigued. What a dear little book! Keep warm, Penny.