Tuesday, July 06, 2010

stitched metal and in the garden

I have as you know been playing with metal and this morning I managed to get this put together.
My zygocactus have just about finished but this one is still looking lovely by the side door.
I know it is the middle of winter but the peacocks have started calling, by my reckoning a month early and outside our bedroom window is this little nest that I thought was abandoned by the new holland honey eaters but low and behold there is a tail sticking out of the nest and the female is obviously sitting. I had to take the last one out of the bedroom window, which was a bit dirty as everytime I get near the nest outside she flies off.
My debutant camellia is always the first to flower and although it is an old bush and the first I ever grew here, not thinking I could she always manages to give me a lovely lot of flowers, even though where she is gets pretty dry in summer.
The cold is progressing and not at the moment for the better, so I will not be seeing my mother this week either which is a worry but I just cant manage to drive to Adelaide and home again.

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Sally Westcott said...

My zygocactus are still thinking about it! Way too cold for them to poke their elegant flowers out! I'v e got one at work in full flower but that one is a pampered plant - it live inside!