Friday, August 31, 2007

Viviana 's parts

Here is what my doll looks like at the moment, all in bits, she has a head a body with lace pinned on, more lace to be sewn up arms, one leg, the other is waiting to be sewn, her basket, which is the odd crinkled thing and three beaded flowers.
Now for the time to get her all together.
At the moment I am flat out after yesterdays gale force winds tidying the garden and dusting the house, vacuuming will have to wait.
I have got most of it done as I dont want to have to do too much house cleaning tomorrow and then it is back to Adelaide all day on Sunday.
We have just heard that all horses classes have been canceled for Adelaide Royal, due to start on the 7th because of the horse flu that is in the Eastern States. All that time and effort getting stuff ready, we have a gelding for sale and people wanting to see him, no horse movement at all for at least another week, we have a stallion sold to Western Australia and goodness knows when he will go, a colt due from NSW but that probably wont happen. What a mess, at least we are lucky because we dont rely on horse income but to some it will probably be the end of them.
Actually I am glad that the Royal has canceled as other wise we may have been tempted and we dont need horse flu. A terrible thing to have come into Australia as our horses are not resistant to it.

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