Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Melbourne grand children

I think I should have cropped these but I rather like the backgrounds. Evie is on the netball court looking worried in the red and blue and the only photo we could get of Will was the one Evie took of him hiding in the bushes. this is typical Will. They are lovely children but typically city ones, off to sport, practice, piano practice etc etc. Always doing something. Different things to my farm grand children.
We had a bit of a stressful day yesterday, the nursing home rang to say that my mother had been found unconscious in her chair and they thought it might be a stroke. John was in Adelaide with the car so I alerted him but they didnt ring back to tell me where she was, so after a lot of messing around with an agency carer who couldnt understand english(!!) I finally found where she was at 5 pm having been rung a bit before 1.30 pm. I was very cross when I finally got to someone who could tell me what was going on. Any way John went to see her and they hadnt found anything they could pin point so he took her back to the nursing home and then came on very late for dinner.
Of course I hadnt dared to leave the house waiting for a phone call that didnt come so no walk, although I did do a major clean up in the house so I suppose some good came of it.

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