Thursday, August 23, 2007

Inchie Postcard received

This wonderful inchie post card came in the mail from Sally Ambrose. We did a Playways on the net exchange.
I had another tiring day in Adelaide yesterday, my youngest daughter and I went up to see my mother, who was even more like a zombie than before. I was told she has been taken off the one lot of medication, wether she is now on another or this is just the other one wearing off, well I hope it is wearing off and no permanent damage has been done, I dont know. Tabby found her grandmother to be so different from when she last saw her a few weeks ago and was as shocked as I was.
My blogging may be a bit hit and miss for a while as I just dont feel much like reporting the same things, also I will be in Adelaide for most of next week.
The foal is drinking well and I will try to get a photo of her, she is gorgeous.

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