Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Two more from yesterday

The first one is of the Bluff from Kings Beach looking into the morning sun and the second is of West Island and part of the Kings Beach which is thought to be the start of a fish trap.
I am feeling a bit sore and tired today, I have had a boil developing at the top of my leg where it rubs on the other and I have looked very odd wandering around in a long skirt as pants are too uncomfortable and if I wear a band aid my skin reacts.
So this morning I found a foal born, daughter who does these has flu, grand daughter has flu. Foal is in trouble with back legs not wanting to work otherwise he is strong and healthy and had a huge drink when we propped him up, not sure of the prognosis but we will persevere for a day or two. Makes me feel sick though.
I am snuffling and coughing and generally feeling "off" again!! And of course John has long meetings all day.
I am still trying to tidy up and make some sense of my work room.

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