Friday, August 24, 2007

The new foal

I took these photos yesterday morning, she has to fill out a bit but her dam is Rivington Hannah and her sire is Nattai Harri 11, I think she will be called Rivington Haley, three days old in this picture.
I am busy trying to get the shopping done and the house tidy, a never ending job I have decided and not something I enjoy, but the vacuuming is about to be done.
I have stuffed my dolls body ready for next week so that is another thing crossed off the list.
Beautiful weather at the moment but no rain and when and if we get it not much. All the farmers are worrying and those with water allocations that are just about non existant on the river may never recover. John was telling me that people are looking to agist their dairy cows off as the water in some places is too salty for them to drink. I think he is thinking about agisting a few but of course it is a worry as you may bring in a disease you dont have. Also we have to have the water to give them as well and although we have spring fed dams there are a lot of properties around here whose run off dams have not filled. I really dont want to go through all that again.

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Alison said...

What a delight. No rain here either. i have tidied up the garden but don't know whether to plan any vegies or not. This time last year the dams were 50% - now they are only 40% so I;'m sure we will have severe water restrictions. Another year.