Thursday, August 16, 2007


I had been playing with this for a while, it is neither painting or collage and I dont quite know what to call it.
I am using acrylic paints which I dont do very often and I had a lovely trellis on a napkin I had taken home from some where and cut of a bit of music and a nest and painted the bird and loads of mixes of gel medium and then added the twigs. I quite liked the idea of some of the things I had seen in the latest Somerset Studio but didnt realise how long it all took, well it took me any way. the scan is a bit odd.
A busy day and I now ache all over, after a not good night, the foal had to be put down, I had to be in Victor at 8 am for a blood test, do a quick shop, collect the float, home by about after 10. John had to put the float on the Toyota and we went out the back to get the mare with sore feet, she didnt want to be caught, didnt want to go on the float, it poured with rain and was very slippery going. We did finally get her home and then I had to walk down and collect the little mare who is having her first foal, not sure when so she is by the house and I can keep an eye on her, she wasnt too bad but by the time I got home all I wanted to do was collapse in a heap.
I have found a lovely quilt pattern for a cot quilt I would like to make, but am trying to find stuff out of my stash to use, I think I will have to buy something, loads of blue not a lot of pink which I need. I am also about to sew a string of hearts to go over the cot, nice bright colours I think.
Still have a body to make and am running out of time. Oh dear.

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