Sunday, August 05, 2007

Back from Melbourne

I have been having awful trouble trying to load stuff onto my blog, and while in Melbourne, even though we had the laptop something happened and it now has to be fixed! So I really wasnt able to use it.
A couple of photos, lots more to come when I have time to sort them. we managed to catch up with Wendy in Federation Square and here she is with the Flinders street railway station behind her, I cut off most of her!! I am still having trouble with the lcd on the new camera and quite often I just point and take a photo and hope it is ok.
We had a great time all up, not as much time to sketch as I would have liked but it was great fun meeting Wendy and she certainly sketches far better than I do.
Our week was very full, we took advantage of the all day seniors tickets on the railways and went down to Frankston on the train and back to Melbourne to Fitzroy doing the same thing. A day drive down to Sorrento and Flinders and back, more photos to come!
Great to see the grandchildren and our son and his wife they looked after us very well.
Not sure how much I will get done on the blog this week either as a few trips to Adelaide seem to be happening and I must get stuck into a few things around here.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

A couple of antiques in that picture - both could do with a new coat of paint! We did do a bit of walking that day - up and down stairs and you both knew more about Melbourne than I did.