Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another little jacket finished

Not the best photo, I am not sure how to manage photos of jumpers but this little one is finally finished, still a few more I want to do but today I collected materials for the cot quilt I want to make and cut them out. I havent made many quilts and havent made one for ages so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I think I can cope with a small one.
The next knitted one I make will be in really bright colours, have found a pattern, most of my baby stuff was for 3 ply and now things are all 4 ply and that is the wool I have at the moment. This one was in 3 ply.
I cut back some roses, late but its been cold and frosty so I do them late here, and pulled a few weeds, it is going to be warm later on this week. Jolly cold at the moment but it wont be long and I will be thinking hopefully of fires and cold when it is stinking hot.

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Gail P. said...

I knew that I should have taken up knitting when I was younger! Absolutely beautiful! I think of you sitting near your mom knitting away . . .

Gail P.