Sunday, August 12, 2007

TAST Crested chain stitch

This was one I had never heard of before so I was a bit hesitant to try it but it actually came together quite well but I was pleased that Sharon b had put a few blogs my way to see what others were doing with it.
I started very small with a 5 perle without much twist, went on to another 5 perle with a bit more twist and then went to a much thicker one, the red to see what it did. The red got a little wonky as I was watching Dr Who at the time and things were getting a bit exciting. I think maybe I was getting a bit overconfident too.
I had a long walk along the beach and actually felt I had a quite productive day, a painting done, a bit more on my very odd acrylic painting and some stuff done outside.


Doreen G said...

Have you been on the "crooked Juice" again Penny or have you just taken a crooked photo?

Penny said...

I think it is a bit of both Doreen, looks straighter in the flesh.

Alison said...

I like your little stitch samples - a very 30's feel to them. You have been having a hectic time. I have been glued to the computer for days, writing another submission about government regulation of home education. Sigh - if only they would leave us to get on with it.