Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday morning walk

I walked alone this morning as John was going fishing and the decision was to go from Victor instead off in the gulf. It probably means they wont get any fish but it is a magic day.
I thoroughly enjoyed my hour long walk along the bike track at the bay and back to where I had parked the car, some of it on the beach although in some places the sea weed was piled high and made for difficult walking.
Such a delight to go out of my back door at the moment to see it all neat and tidy. Now to keep the peacocks out.
I have planted another punnet of mixed lettuce in hanging pots as if they are close to the ground the peacocks eat them. We have far too many but they are not easy to catch. I suppose another lot will be hatching soon as mating is in full swing.
I will be in Adelaide from Monday morning until Thursday night so dont expect anything until I get back.
I think I have most of the stuff for the class I am taking with Patti Culea, but I havent packed clothes yet.

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