Friday, August 10, 2007

An unfortunate find

This little owl was by the side of the road, knocked by a car. Not as big as the book says he should be, at 13.5 inches and not 16 but I think it is a Boobook owl, the ones we hear at night going Morepork morepork. I collected him from the side of the road to identify him, such a beautiful bird and with feathers so soft to touch. He will be buried in the garden.
I have done very little painting in the last few days, too much other stuff to do. Tonight Tabby and her girls come for dinner. I am still knitting, another little jacket but I found some fun things in the latest Handmade magazine which I think I will do to go in the baby's room.
Simple and easy things as at the moment it is all getting on top of me.
Oh but I have just enrolled in the next years Fibre Ballarat doing an etching class with Glen Skein, I would have loved to have done several classes but you have to choose one. Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beaney and Sandra Meech are coming again and I would love to do Jeans class again, but I hope I can get some ideas of what they are doing by mooching in and out of a few class rooms!! I did a workshop with Glen last year making boxes and I dont know that I will ever get the opportunity again to learn some of his etching techniques.

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