Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wonderful wools

Yes I knit but these were being thrown out at Spotlight yesterday and they are just a few off the odd balls I bought to use with my embellisher. Only one ball each but made in Italy and some yummy colours and textures. I think the average price was $2 as against about $7. The scanner doesnt really show the colours.
I had a flat out day yesterday as John and I went to Adelaide, after I was up at 6 am to feed ponies, and I was to see my mother but for the 3rd time in 7 months she is down with a tummy wog and I wasnt allowed to see her, not happy and rather depressed (hence the retail therapy).
A longish day in town and a lot of driving, thank goodness for Paddy who gave me coffee and time to chat.
Home to shop as people for dinner tomorrow night and then out again to a noisy cheap eatery that I had never been to before to farewell Nell my oldest grand daughter who is off to Armidale university, she and her father left early this morning for the long drove to central NSW. I hope she does well and enjoys it. She has been home for a year working ponies and I will miss having her around and about even if she doesnt say much.

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