Monday, February 05, 2007


I have had the little base for this doll made but not fully stuffed or stitched up for about 3 years! Could be longer. I had a yen to play with some polymer clay and make faces so I did a few over the week end, then painted them. Yesterday in the heat I put head, hair and ear rings on and today I made a little cloak on the embellisher for her. She is not finished yet but nearly there.
As a doll maker who hasnt made a doll for ages I feel quite pleased with this and may make a few more, somehow I always like small and rather primitive dolls, although I can and have made some pretty up market ones in my day.
The red on the back is a feather I found on the work room floor and wondered if it would stay on, it did.
Adelaide is apparently stinking hot but we have been cool all day with clouds over the sea slowly coming in. Thank goodness as yesterday was not nice. A friend rang to say it was awful in Adelaide and John who is up there for meetings also rang to tell me how horrid it was. I felt quite smug for a change.


Sue B said...

very cool doll!

Doreen G said...

You can't rush into these things Penny and I love the hair.