Friday, February 16, 2007

Feather Stitch

It has been awfully hot and sticky s o I have been sitting quietly and stitching, in between visits to the physio and the shopping that had to be done. I seem to have a bit of a roundness to this stitch when i do it but i do like it and use it a lot. I hadnt tried doing the wide variation before but it was fun.
I walked this evening and came in so sticky from the humidity I had little flying insects drinking my sweat. Yuk.
Worse tomorrow, 40 degrees and our air con doesnt work all that well, the fans help a bit. Probably a day to do very little.
I made some tyvek beads today too to put on my 3 D vessel I have made, pretty pleased as the colour matches well.
We also have new mobile phones, our old ones were so old but so simple, these do so many things I am terrified of them.


Elizabeth said...

These are great lines of feather stitches. Line 2 especially captures my attention. Very nice work!

Doreen G said...

Great stitching Penny--They should make simple mobiles for people who only want to make and receive calls and text messages and forget all that other gobbildy gook stuff.
My 7yo grandaughter know more about using the mobile than I do.

Sue B said...

These are great Penny - I like your choice of colors.

AnastasiaC said...

these are wonderful!! very colourful